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Of Importance

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everything from rules and regulations to plot and lore-based information can be found here! be sure to take a look around here before getting started, and look back here for reference whenever necessary!
In-Character Rules by ➤centipeetle ✿ on Oct 26, 2015 14:11:49 GMT -6

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all the most up-to-date and current updates and information regarding the site, site-wide polls, activity checks, and more! be sure to check here to stay updated regarding news and current goings-on!

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all completed threads will eventually be moved here for your browsing ease, as well as any biographies belonging to deceased, deleted, or otherwise inactive characters!
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Character Hub

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all character applications can be found here, be they pending or accepted! any information necessary to create your character will also be in this board!
Larkcloud, Warrior of TreeClan by ➤lapis ❖ on Nov 9, 2015 22:50:20 GMT -6

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any information regarding ongoing or desired plots between characters, character adoptions, or thread tracking for easier sorting goes here! feel free to use this board to keep track of whatever you see fit, be it plots, tracking, et cetera - but remember that it is of course optional to do so!

Clan Territory

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a mostly hilly expanse of land with sometimes sharp and even steep cliffsides, and split by a large river which eventually becomes the TreeClan border, RockClan's territory can be found here.
The Eagle Incident (OPEN) by Deleted on Nov 8, 2015 10:40:53 GMT -6

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a somewhat flatter landscape mostly populated by denser woodland and a few small ponds and marshes, and farther from Twoleg land, TreeClan's territory can be found here.
Through the Dreary Mornings (OPEN) by sandclaw ❖ on Nov 7, 2015 15:25:32 GMT -6

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there are three notable borders for the cats who live here - the border between TreeClan and RockClan, the border between RockClan and Twoleg land, and the edge of TreeClan territory, where rogue land begins.
a dilemma, to be sure [OPEN] by summer's end ✿ on Nov 11, 2015 17:54:11 GMT -6

Other Territories

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many stray cats live in the Twolegplace which borders the edge of RockClan land. the proudest of these loners call themselves city cats, and they often form smaller bands or gangs which are known to cause trouble for their Clan neighbors. their lack of a binding code or law such as the Clans' means that they can sometimes be quite harsh, as is the life they live on account of the scarcity of food and shelter they face.
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past the edges of TreeClan's borders, where the forest grows denser and harder to navigate, is the territory of the woodland cats. these rogues are considered flighty and mysterious even by their already-skittish TreeClan neighbors, and much about their ways of life is unknown to those who do not dwell in their woods.
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these lands belong to no specific group, and are often frequented by cats from many backgrounds. usually, hostilities are uncommon in these parts of the territories, as it is generally agreed that the land is neutral and there is not typically any need for conflict.
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Out of Character

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looking to advertise your own site, or perhaps become affiliated with eterna? here is where that can be done!
CARRION CROWS by SHIRE on May 19, 2020 20:01:26 GMT -6

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new to the site and feel like introducing yourself? or maybe you have to go on a short hiatus and would like to let us know? either way, this board is for you!

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all sorts of out-of-character chatter, be they forum games, creative expression, or even just general silliness go here!
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